A multidisciplinary approach for singers with stage fright

Leitung Hanneke Bax Cordula Klein Goldewijk
Hanneke Bax Cordula-Klein-Goldewijk-vocal-coach-Utrecht-e1432742858312-150x150

Shaking hands, throat tension, sweating and negative thinking about the voice. Almost every singer at any given level struggles with this. It could be a mild tension, or severe stage freight. To support the singers in their courageous quest towards ‚feeling save on stage‘, Cordula Klein Goldewijk (CVT-teacher), Hanneke Bax (speech therapist and mindfulnesstrainer) and Sanne Spronk (healthcare psychologist) from the Netherlands found that working together makes a big difference in the approach to help singers to sing with confidence. Using evidence-based methods, we share our insights on how to work with confidence on stage.

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