Hanneke Bax

Hanneke Bax is a Speech Language Therapist, singer, certified mindfulness trainer and owner of ‘Bestemming Bereikt Trainingen & Logopedie’. After graduating in 2009 at Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven, she worked a few years all-round and started in 2012 her SLT-practice for speakers and singers with voice disorders. Besides her practice, she teaches courses and writes for the Dutch journal of speech therapists. To find out more about stress as an important factor in voice disorders and get more tools for stress reduction education, she graduated recently as a mindfulness trainer at the Centre for Mindfulness in Amsterdam.


Cordula Klein Goldewijk is a professional singer, vocal coach and owner of „Ken je Stem“ (Know your voice). After graduating from Conservatory Codarts University of Arts in 2005, she studied for three years at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. Now she is a self-employed certified CVT Teacher and is coaching semi-professional and professional singers. She develops and teaches CVT-based courses for singing teachers, performers and singer/songwriters. Cordula is also active as a singer, writer and recording artist in different genres.